Meta Mate Seattle

Born and raised in the majestic Pacific Northwest, my journey with erva mate began in 2010 when I was first introduced to this South American botanical treasure in Rio de Janeiro. The verdant landscape of my childhood echoed in the lush, earthy flavors of mate, forming an immediate, almost spiritual connection. Over the years, my fascination with this drink deepened, and I found myself not only consuming it regularly, but also keenly interested in the entire production process.

Over the years, I have co-produced the Mate Guys podcast, and have had an off-and-on involvement working with Meta Mate, further entwining my life with this remarkable tradition. I had the privilege of visiting the Gehm family and see their production process back in 2019. This experience has heightened my admiration and profound respect for this work more than ever.

Meta Mate Organic

Don’t Panic! It’s Organic!
Our farmers are our friends

Meta Mate works directly with our producers on a daily basis ensuring the utmost care in what we bring to you.
Our Mates stem from old-growth and planted forests and we restrict our harvets to the main season under recommended moon phases.
Mates like our signature Moonshine harvest, crafted by hand, allow farmers to carry on family traditions.
Meta Mate connects consumers across the globe with the source.
Our grassroots work in particular is what sustains our spirits.

100% Organic Bio Product

Meta Mate guarantees transparency to our customers and we can trace back all of our mates to the forests.

Harvested by hand

Meta Mate is made by Mother Earth and men and not only machines! We value the unique hand-made touch on our products.


Meta Mate is certified organic according to international standards.
Our mate is grown without the usage of pesticides and we denounce the use additives and GMÖ’s
But this is not enough which is why we are also engaging our farmers in a participative demeter certification

Team Meta Mate

After nearly a decade of a nomadic existence where many a mate was shared with friends around the world during travels, Fabricio and Krithika do Canto decided to source their mate directly and bring fresh mate to
drinkers across the globe. From Brasil to Berlin, Meta Mate continues to spread across geo-political borders as we aim to revolutionize your daily habits with what you drink.

The properties

Mate is naturally rich in caffeine, theobromine and antioxidants. It contains vitamins and minerals and is a sustainable form of nourishment and energy. The daily intake promotes positivity.

What to drink from?

Mates come in many shapes and sizes these days from traditional calabash to wood or glass and even silicone these days!
From classic gourds to hand-made ceramics, we offer a variety of ways to enjoy your mate on every occasion.

How to drink?

While we do also have tea bags available in various flavors, to really enjoy your mate we recommend the
traditional way, to sip through a straw (bomba). Our selection of of finely crafted stainless steel inox bombas
will strongly enhance your drinking experience.


There are many different techniques to prepare a mate and several tutorials on you tube.
However, to master making a mate, one has to practice, hands on.
And in order to make a good mate you need good equipment.